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Two Lectures on Serbian Contemporary Music by Svetlana Savic


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Contemporary Music Lab presents two lectures by Svetlana Savic on Contemporary Serbian  music. Prof. Savic is visiting Aristotle University of Thessaloniki under the Learning Mobility Erasmus+ educational program and  will be introduced by the composer Dimitri Papageorgiou

Lecture A – Contemporary Serbian Music
In her first lecture, scheduled for 31.10.2016 18:00, professor Savic is going to present  works by prominent Serbian composers: Entr’acte for orchestra, by Zoran Erić, full time professor at Department for Composition at Faculty of Music, Rector of the University of Arts in Belgrade, Orbits for orchestra, by Aleksandra Vrebalov, currently living in USA, gesualdo dub/raum mit gelöschter figur, for piano and ensemble, by Marko Nikodijevic, living in Germany, and Mirror for mezzo-soprano, violoncello, piano and chamber orchestra, by Srdjan Hofman, professor emeritus at Department for Composition, Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Entr’acte and Orbits are exceptionally interesting in their musical form – employing principles of symmetry and spiral organization of the musical material, and Nikodijevic’s concert for piano and Hofman’s Mirror present intriguing and innovative approach to the role of soloists and ensemble, treatment of musical heritage and poetical text, followed with incredible instrumentation.
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