About CML


Michalis Lapidakis Director of CML
Dimitris Papageorgiou Co-director of CML
Dimitris Maronidis Director of Xenakis Electronic Music Competition
Christos Samaras
Constantinos Tsougras
Danae-Maria Stefanou
Georgios Sakallieros
Constantinos Chardas

Mission and History

The Contemporary Music Lab (C.M.L.) of the School of Music Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in order to accommodate the research, educational, and artistic requirements of the School and the Composition Area at an undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level.

Subjects pertinent to the interests of the C.M.L. include the following:

  • Music Composition
  • Music Theory and Analysis of contemporary music
  • Music Performance of contemporary music
  • Music Philosophy and Aesthetics of contemporary music
  • Music Education
  • Electronic Music
  • Music Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
  • Any other subject of musicological or theoretical concern related to contemporary music

Besides any research, educational, and artistic requirements of the School, one of the main focal points of the Contemporary Music Lab activities is the promotion, growth, and development of contemporary music in Greece. The C.M.L. aspiration is to cover the whole spectrum of contemporary music creation, however, special focus is given to music and aesthetics that propagate new and original sonic directions and cultivate an experimental spirit thus reflecting on the deadlocks as well as the perspectives of our cultural reality