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Composing Sound! Lecture by Panayiotis Kokoras

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CML presents a lecture by Panayiotis Kokoras. Panayiotis will present his recent works and will explain his compositional approach. The audience will have the opportunity to listen to some of the composer’s works.

May 31th 12:00-13.30  Room 7 – A.U.Th – Music Department (Thermi)

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Composition Masterclass & Lecture by Christian Benvenuti

CML presents a lecture and a composition masterclass by Christian Benvenuti.

Composition Masterclass May 30th 15:00-18.00  Room 7 – A.U.Th – Music Department.
In his masterclass, composer and multimedia artist Christian Benvenuti will introduce the main techniques and methods he used in his works, along with a reflection on his pluralist approach to style. In the second half, Benvenuti will lead an interactive session where the works submitted by participants, in the form  of scores, live performances or recordings, will be discussed.

(Please find below an application form for your participation in the composition masterclass)

Lecture May 30th 18:00-20.00  Room 9 – A.U.Th – Music Department.
In the so-called Zettabyte Era in which we currently live, there is a need for new aesthetic responses and approaches from composers, performers and listeners. In this context, it is essential to understand how we communicate through music by looking into the dynamics of music information. In this talk, the phenomenon of expectation will be discussed along methods derived from information theory to measure and describe cognitive aspects of the musical mind. These methods will be presented in light of their contribution to music cognition, music psychology, music composition, theory, and analysis. Continue reading