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Unorthodox ways of using Ableton Live 11 | Mehmet Can Özer

Contemporary Music Lab is organizing a lecture of Mehmet Can Özer on his music along with a seminar on Ableton Live followed by a live performance!

Wednesday 10 .11.21 | Lecture | Self-Portrait 18:00
Thurday 11.11.21 | Seminar | Live Ableton 17:00-20:00
Thurday 11.11.21 | Live Performance 20:30

All events will take place at the Foyer of the Music Department at Thermi

Ableton Live is known as a popular electronic music software, but is it only limited to the genre? Prof. Dr. Mehmet Can Özer is exploring Live 11 from the perspective of a contemporary composer and invites people to think out of the box. These masterclasses are official Ableton events worldwide with the collaboration of the music departments.

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