Xenakis Competition Results 2017

On behalf of the jury I am very pleased to announce the results of the first Iannis Xenakis International Electronic Music Competition. The competition raised worldwide interest, attracting 270 submissions, of which 106 were in multi-channel formats. Selecting from as many as 270 pieces proved a challenging but rewarding task, and inevitably many good pieces could not make it into the final five. The selection process was anonymised: our judgements were based solely on our responses to the music. We did not know who the composers are, nor did we have access to titles or programme notes. Please find the selected pieces below.

1st Prize: Nikos Stavropoulos (Greece) for his work Topophilia
2nd Prize: Oliver Carman (United Kingdom) for his work Electric Strings
3rd Prize: Marie-Hélène Breault and Martin Bédard (Canada) for their work Replica

Honorable mentions to

Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia) for his work Cradle Caldera
François Buffet (France) for his work Anabasis

Denis Smalley (Chair)
Jury members: Ambrose Field, Panayiotis Kokoras, Elainie Lillios, Germán Toro-Pérez

Thessaloniki,  March 5, 2017

On behalf of the Contemporary Music Lab, we are delighted to announce that the selected pieces will be presented in a concert at Thessaloniki on 1st of April 2017.  On the same day, pieces by Xenakis and jury members will be diffused in a lunchtime concert. We would like to thank all composers for their participation and we hope we will receive new, exciting works in our second competition which we plan to organize in 2018.

Dimitris Maronidis
Artistic Director of the Competition